THERES (Past Works):

Gen, Ryan, Inez, Dylan, Salome, or Quinn (2015) for ODC Pilot 67—22:16
ODC Studio B

March Lecture Series: Harvey Milk Photo Center
Photographic works by Melissa Lewis
March 16th, 6-8pm.

Guest Lecture at University of San Francisco
Dance and Social History, Performing Arts & Social Justice Program
November 17th, 9:55-11:40, LM 155

Trust Me I Can Take You There (2015)
LEVY Salon

Of Titanic Proportions (2015)
West Wave Dance Festival 2015
Z Space

How Can Making Dance be a Feminist Act? for Stance on Dance

Peach Pits (2015)
Courtney King + Melissa Lewis
as part of the Mark Foehringer Young Choreographers Forum
Thank you
Mark for the incredible opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from such renown artists. Malinda Lavelle for being our silent artistic director. For meeting with us as often as you did and drinking your coffee so slow.

Promise (Fall 2014)

Melissa Lewis + Courtney King
LEVY Salon
||pause|| (Garage Show)
Thank you
To Roxann Guthman and Kaela Terreson for sharing the evening with us–for the support and love that filled that room and the momentous ending it created.