How Can Making Dance Be a Feminist Act?

courtney and melissa 1
Photo by Alex Burns

As young, fresh-cut artists, we feel very new. Though we claim the title of co-founders cautiously, we hope to create a solidified community around our vision: to use hers and hers as a feminist platform to approach, envelope and wrestle a spectrum of human experiences. In other words, we hope to contribute a drop into the pool of feminist/dance dialogue.

We ask ourselves: how can making dance be a feminist act? For us, it is.

We believe the medium of dance can be used as a tool to amplify and point attention to feminism and the concepts that surround and support it.

A(n overwhelming) set of questions hers and hers circles around — in our creative process, in watching performance, and in life in general:

What is feminism? What is feminism in dance?
How are men included in a feminist methodology?
How are those with non-normative gender identities included?
Is feminism undermined or strengthened by dance we see today?
What can we uncover and show from experiences/ideas to ‘an audience?’
How can the personal be shared/related to?
How are we doing? Are we okay? Are you okay?
Where is the intersection of the personal and the political?
What norms are we experiencing that we disagree with?
Where does love come from? How do we ask for it?
How can we represent ourselves and others? Where do we see inequality?

Here are some thoughts that respond to some of the above… in no order, with no specific structure…. but we place these thoughts at the core of what we hope to make:

courtney and melissa 3
Photo by Alex Burns

Feminism is the thread through our personal narratives.  It guides us in our choreographic work and creative mind. As we move forward it will continue to be one of the epicenters of hers and hers.

courtney and melissa 4
Photo by Melissa Lewis