Portraits of Pride: 7. A.J. and Irvin

A.J & Irvin

Aj hugs Irvin on Castro sidewalk

(21, gay, male) & (21, gay, artist)

“I am against male chauvinism, and yes I would say I am a feminist.”
“I try to be the best supporter for my girlfriends.”

aj irvin 2“It depends on the person I am interacting with, sometimes I feel very obligated to be a little more—I don’t want to say gentle, that sounds general…I try to be nicer. But depending on the woman/man I am interacting with I will be like ‘okay, fine that’s your thing’. It is subjective.”
“There is no stigma [to being a feminist].”
Favourite body part: “It’s kind of conceited, but my hair.”

two men lean in to chat on Castro St at duskIrvin:
“Equality for all people.”
“I don’t hold the doors for girls, they should hold the door for me too, we should equally hold the door for each other.”
Favourite body part: “My legs, cause they’re so long.”


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