Portraits of Pride: 6. Kimi, Celyne, Emily

Kimi, Celyne, Emily


Kimi (18, straight ally)  + Celyne (17, pansexual) + Emily (Girl, 18, bisexual)

Emily: “I go both ways but I don’t think I like guys as much as a I like girls, but I still date guys”


On why they were at #SFPride2015:
Emily: “I like how people are here to represent themselves, so I want to come out here this year to represent myself as a gay person”
Kimi: “Oh my god, I’ve never worn a crop top or shorts or anything and in San Francisco they don’t judge you at all and its so beautiful, like I feel so comfortable in my body for once. It’s beautiful”
Celyne: “It’s fun getting into the community of people who are gay, you don’t really have that where we’re from. It’s totally comfortable here”

On feminism:
K: “I think it means equality, for everyone, not just gender. We are no longer the underdogs. We get to fight for our right to be on top for once”

Favourite body part:
Nails, Hair, Face [not sure who was who :)]



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