Portraits of Pride: 5. MB and Coco

MB & Coco

Courtney interviews females at Castro

(34, stud) & (42, proud)

Coco: “Are you guys together? Is it complicated?”
Melissa: “Haha! No, no. I mean… just in artistic ways.”

Courtney: Do you consider yourselves feminists?
Coco: “No I don’t think so. I think everything is equal so I don’t consider myself to be a feminist when everybody and everything is feminist” … “I don’t believe in woman power or girl power”
MB: “No, everybody’s the same, vagina or penis.”

mb points to coco's rear
MB: Are you sure your favorite part isn’t…here?

Favourite part of body: “the coco zone” (MB), hands (Coco)

showing two palms


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