Portraits of Pride: 4. Zu, Dani, Dwayne

Zu, Dani, Dwayne

trio 4

(26, Bisexual male, Juggalo, professional wrestler) & (28, Bisexual female, Juggalo) & (32, Bisexual)

Trio laugh together

On sexuality and gender:
Zu: “In the LGBT community, bisexuals aren’t taken very seriously… for males, this [bisexuality] isn’t popular, this isn’t cool. I can’t help it, I am attracted to females, I am attracted to males. I am proud of it, I am glad it’s sensitive. Bisexual people are fighting to be recognized, to be taken as seriously as gay or lesbian.”

Dani: “A lot of times with being an actual bisexual female—I hate saying actual—it’s such a layman’s term for saying you’re cool with just being with people.”
“I really honestly identify as a human being who loves human beings, but if you have to put a term on it I guess you’d say bisexual”

Trio stands in front of city hall

On Feminism:
Zu: “I definitely support feminism but I don’t support the feminists that are basically anti-male, I support the real feminists—the feminists that are about bettering women just because they’re women not bettering women because they’re better than men. Just because they are people.”

Dani: “I’m about equal rights for everybody. I don’t see gender, I see more connections / energies”
“Everyone needs to chill out and just love each other”

Dwayne: “Here’s the thing about feminism now, people try to approach it like even though we know there are different kinds of feminism, people try to approach it like it is this all inclusive thing like ‘oh as women we need blah-blah-blah-blah-blah’ when in reality black women have an entirely different set of criteria for feeling equal and included. You can’t speak about feminism from the general perspective because it leaves a lot of people out”

Rainbow costumes and skin


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