Portraits of Pride: 3. Ginsu and Joseph

Ginsu & Joseph

Couple laughs in fox/vest costume

(37, New Orleans transplant, concierge at Steamworks) & (36, Has lived here ten years, works at consignment shop that sells used leather and fetish gear)

Ginsu: “and we met when I went to said job and he jumped my bones.”
Joseph: “Actually, I did.”

Couple kisses on street

On Feminism:
G: “Three of the four, that made this [points up and down to self] possible, were women.”
J: “I have always been surrounded by strong women, I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon.”

Courtney: What do you want to see in dance?
G: “… it can convey anything, as long as its conveyed well, it can cover any topic, and as long as you throw your whole heart into it you’re going to be amazing at whatever you do when you’re dancing.”
J: “If the performer can wink at the audience…the wink and the performance.”

Courtney: “We would really like to take a few pictures of you guys if…”
G: “—I don’t know if I dressed up enough for that”

Couple (one crouching, one standing) poses on street


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