Portraits of Pride: 1. Patty Cakes

Welcome to Portraits of Pride, our personal way of celebrating and connecting with our city. During the celebration of San Francisco Pride 2015 hers and hers decided to spotlight 14 individuals who inspired us. So, on the Sunday of Pride we made our way down to Civic Center to connect with, photograph and interview people celebrating at the Parade. We came armed with handmade “business” cards, a recorder, Melissa’s 35mm camera and questions we felt were important:

  • Name, age, identities?
  • What brings you to Pride?
  • Do you identify as a feminist? If so, what does being a feminist mean to you? What does the word feminist imply?
  • What is your favourite body part?

It was intimidating to approach and ask strangers these personal/political questions, but hers and hers found several couples, groups and individuals willing to share a moment.

We are forever grateful for the cooperation, excitement, patience and support from everyone we talked to that Sunday. Thank you again (we hope to see you soon). It was so rewarding to hear how our interests resonate with our SF Pride community.

For now, enjoy the first of seven posts and say hello to Patty Cakes.

Patty Cakes (Will Smith)

Cheerleader poses with hands on hips

(West Hollywood Cheerleaders Captain, PCA (Pride Cheerleading Association), at Pride raising money for HIV/AIDs)

Patty: “I love doing [the Parade]. It gives me a chance to brush up on my make-up skills and help other people be aware and stamp out the stigma of HIV.”

Patty Cakes responds to Courtney's question

Courtney: “Do you consider yourself a feminist? What does that mean to you?”
P: “I’m pretty much very open, I’m a free spirit, there [are] no doors closed in my book. For me, everyone should be equal. I don’t classify as anything, I am who I am.”


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