Headlands Headlines

Jellies and Adidas on 76X Muni
Instagram: hersandhers.sf

Last weekend we rode the bus just over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Headlands Center for the Arts for their Summer Open House, thirsty for some inspiration juice.

We wanted to share some of our post-adventure reflections from this most recent hers and hers outing:

  • It was invigorating to see how so many creatives thrive in a shared space. Artists so close to the earth/wind/sea. Artists held, fed, and told: “you can do what you want, love, and need to do here.
  • Simultaneously… San Francisco being in somewhat of a drought for sustainable artistic livelihood [READ: KQED: “Priced out”]. The Headlands, the dream. What to do? We couldn’t help dreaming of the things we could do with space/time in a studio…. but how do you stay afloat long enough to make it there?

    Artist draws on white wall
    Photo by Andria Lo
  • Try the Mess Hall’s mac ‘n cheese! The perfect fuel for art-witnessing.
People gathered at dinner table
Photo by Madeleine Ignon
  • We kept thinking, “more live dance and performance up here would be amazing.” Then, a few days later, we were so delighted to read that Sara Shelton Mann and Mica Sigourney (pillars in the San Francisco dance scene) will be Fall Artists in Residence! Yes!
  • We will be back and hope you will go too. Just… be prepared to be mildly stranded waiting for the 76X bus.
Courtney on curb hitchhiking
Instagram: hersandhers.sf

Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 25th, the next Fall Open House.

Here are a few of the artists we encountered up there, were drawn to/wanted to share from our hers and hers platform:

  • Sandra Garcia RiveraNuyorican poet and activist voicing stories of women to “purge the residue of sexism and colonialism, embedded under the skin” –  LINK: Crossing Dolores Excerpt
  • Taisha Paggett – performance/dance artist working with body, agency and race. Her work aims to “unfasten fixed narratives of the Black body… a desire to reconcile traumatic histories of the Black body and land”
Dancer bends backward with right arms drawing on wall
Taisha Paggett’s ‘Decomposition of a Continuous Whole,’ 2010, by Malik Gaines
  • Tina Satter – performance artist setting work that examines feminist and queer dynamics – House of Dance Excerpt:

^Look! Love. *later,

Courtney and Melissa


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